Industrial Meshes

GKD SolidWEAVE industrial wire mesh

GKD SolidWEAVE – Industrial Meshes

SolidWEAVE stands for filter media made of metal wire meshes that are among the most reliable and most efficient in the world. The meshes cover a variety of filter media and filter elements for mechanical process technology.

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Process Belt Meshes

GKD WEAVEinMotion Process belt meshes

GKD WEAVEinMotion – Process Belts, Transport Belts

WEAVEinMotion manufactures meshes for process belts and transport belts. GKD's high-quality meshes are made from synthetic material, metal or even from these two materials combined. In addition to conveyor belt equipment like seams, edges, coatings and feeders, a host of services relating to WEAVEinMotion process belts are among the range of offerings.

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Architectural Meshes

GKD CreativeWEAVE Architectural wire mesh

GKD CreativeWEAVE – Architectural Meshes

CreativeWEAVE metallic meshes excel in terms of both function and aesthetics. They are a decorative and functional design element in the field of architecture. The special aesthetics of GKD wire meshes are combined with functional advantages for architects and planners. Mediamesh? and Illumesh? LED meshes allow entire building facades to be illuminated in an impressive way.

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